Elvis - His Songs of Praise

As the second volume of Elvis: His Songs Of Praise, this book completes the story chronicling a further 51 sacred, spiritual and inspirational gospel songs to add to the 55 songs featured in the first volume. Once again, the story of each song is told in extensively researched detail; also observe the high quality and subtle differences on the front cover and many other photographs of Elvis throughout the 350 pages. You'll find the best uk bookmakers here, you have time to get it!

Elvis’ vast knowledge and diversity of spiritual music is fully highlighted within the combined 700 pages, his sincere interpretations of them and how he dipped into music from the gospel category throughout his career.

Running at over 79 minutes, the 32 track CD issued with this book features many rare and officially unreleased tracks. These include many ‘Pure Elvis’ un-dubbed studio masters, a dozen rare performances from 1956 to 1977 taken from ‘live shows’, studio and movie outtakes plus impromptu recordings. An added bonus is the officially unreleased December 3rd 1967 Christmas Radio Special, Season’s Greetings From Elvis, shipped to 2,000 radio stations across America for the festive season.

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